“It is declared that this policy will be recognized and known as Company’s Health & Safety Policy ”. The A-ONE Engineering Services Policy on Safety and Health at Work

Safety is non-negotiable
At A-One, we believe that sustainable success can be reached only through people. No other asset in the company is as important as the people that contribute with their work to our culture and our business results. Therefore, we devote all the necessary energy and attention to protect employees, contractors and any other people involved with the company along the value chain, including suppliers, customers and the public. To maintain safe and healthy working conditions, provide and maintain plant, equipment and machinery, and ensure safe storage/use of substances. There is a System in place for routine inspections and testing of equipment and machinery and for ensuring that action is promptly taken to address any defects. The Staff is trained in safe handling/use of substances.
2 Compliance:
 To be at the forefront of accident prevention in the industry, we implement in all our sites the mandatory Occupational Safety and Health Management System, which meets or exceeds the requirements of the health and safety laws applicable in the countries in which we operate. Each employee is expected to obey safety rules and exercise caution and common sense in all work activities. Employees must immediately report any unsafe conditions to their supervisor. Employees who violate safety standards, cause hazardous or dangerous situations, or fail to report, or where appropriate, remedy such situations, may be subject to disciplinary action including termination of employment.

In the event an employee requires medical attention, whether injured or becoming ill while at work, the employee’s personal physician must be notified immediately. If it is necessary for the employee to be seen by the doctor or go to the hospital, a family member will be called to transport the employee to the appropriate facility. If an emergency arises requiring Emergency Medical Services to evaluate the injury/illness of an employee on-site, the employee will be responsible for any transportation charges. Furthermore, Company will not be responsible for transportation of another employee due to liabilities that may occur. A medical certificate for ‘fit to work’ is required prior to joining back at work. All employees who are issued keys to the office are responsible for their safekeeping. These employees will sign a Building Key Disbursement form upon receiving the key. The designated employee, who leaves the office at the end of the business day assumes the responsibility to ensure that all doors are securely locked, all appliances and lights are turned off with exception of the lights normally left on for security purposes.

Communication, education and training
Company provides information to employees about workplace safety and health issues through regular internal communication such as:
 [Training sessions]
  [Team meetings]
 [Bulletin board postings]
 [Memorandums]
  [Other written communications]

3 Leadership and participation
A-one recognizes the critical role of senior management to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. As an integral part of managing the business, the managers – at all levels – are accountable for managing workplace health and safety with strong leadership and credibility. Their annual objectives include a contribution to the safety culture and performance. At the same time, the company judges that employee involvement is indispensable to establish and maintain safety and health in the workplace. Respect of safety principles, standards and procedures is a condition of employment. Conversely, employees are empowered to: -Challenge any unsafe acts they see or perceive; -Put a task on hold if they judge that safety is not adequate, until a competent person takes appropriate risk control measures. Employees are responsible for working in a safe manner to prevent injury to themselves, fellow workers and other persons. They are asked to become actively involved in programmes to improve health and safety performance in the workplace.

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